Piccadilly Circus

Located just a few minutes across Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus is a tourist hotspot and is referred to as London’s equivalent to New York’s Time Square. It’s the hub that connects shopping, theatre and entertainment districts. Every road you take from Piccadilly Circus will take you into a world offering different vibes. If you’re anything like us and prefer less chill and more thrill, then head down to Shaftesbury Avenue for an unforgettable performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, with shows at various times throughout the week.

If you want to get in on the latest fashion trends, visit Regent Street on the South West side of Piccadilly Circus. The entire street is designated to designer labels and luxury brands attracting thousands every day. Explore Hamley’s toy store and let free your inner child. You’ll also find many little streets off of Regent Street, with great little places to eat and drink. For some adventure and a little more chill, discover London’s Ice Bar on Heddon Street. A bar and restaurant submerged underground where temperatures are kept at a frosty -5°C; don’t worry, gloves and jackets are supplied as part of your icy experience.

For those after a little bit of pleasure alongside their visit to London, The Magnum Pleasure Store, should definitely be on your list. Over indulge in som of your favourite ice-cream flavours, located on Regent Street, the famous pop up store gives visitors the option to discover the chef’s table, take part in a masterclass or for the first time tha chance to exprience their new Play Room.




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