Leicester Square

The home of Assembly Hotel London, Leicester Square is our pride and joy, the epicentre of everything we do. It is also the home to London’s famous street performers and considered the capital’s entertainment district. Just a two-minute walk from the hotel, you can find all sorts of life buzzing around the iconic square. An urban garden takes centre stage, surrounded by many bars, restaurants, cafes and cinemas to choose from.

Here you can find the world-famous Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, most known for hosting exclusive film premieres, where the red carpet is laid out as fans try to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrities during the London BFI Film Festival. Leicester Square is also host to the Rain Dance Film Festival, the largest film festival in the UK and the home of independent film.

For something off the beaten track, discover The Japan Centre on Panton Street. A recent addition to the West End, it offers traditional Japanese snacks that you can find, well, only in Japan!.




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