Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, until late January 2019, Assembly London will be having building works carried out at the back of the hotel.  Nothing beats a great nights sleep, that's why we don't want to disturb yours.   

During the week, rooms at the back of the hotel may hear some work sounds from 9am and after 10am on weekends.

We’re doing our very best to keep the noise to the absolute minimum, but if you do you have any concerns, please contact our team in advance of your stay -

Do Assembly rooms have TVs in them?

We don't have TVs in our rooms, but we do have super-fast free WiFi throughout the hotel, so our guests can watch their favourite shows on their tablet, laptop or mobile device.

Do Assembly rooms have tea & coffee making facilities in them?

Our rooms come without kettles, but we're surrounded by some of the best cafes and coffee shops in London.  Don't make coffee in your room! Head out to the streets and check out our coffee shop neighbours.  Just ask our reception team for their top suggestions on where to go.

Do you take group bookings at Assembly?

We love a group booking!  Whether it’s for a business trip, a raunchy hen weekend or an outrageous birthday surprise, our rooms are ready for each and every occasion. #fact.

Just some quick points about our rooms:

  • We focus on giving you what you really need and nothing of what you don’t

  • Our rooms are cosy and packed full of personality

  • Our rooms sleep two*

  • All our beds are doubles

* Some rooms sleep 3 if an extra bed is requested.  Ask our reservations team for more details.

Our check-in

We want to check you in as quick as we can.  Not because we don’t want to spend time with you.  We just know you’ve got better things to do.  Like exploring the city. 

However, group check-ins can be a bit slow.  Our reception area isn’t the biggest of spaces, so to avoid any check-in hanging about, we suggest large groups break themselves down into smaller one (we suggest 4 max) and aim to check-in at different times from 2pm.

Can we store luggage before checking in?

Sure thing!  Just bring your suitcases, bags and rucksacks to reception and the Assembly team will happily keep hold of these until you check in later.  

When it's time to say goodbye to your room, but you've still got time on your hands for a bit more city exploring, feel free to leave you luggage with us until it's time to say your final goodbyes to London.

Do Assembly rooms have hairdryers in them?


Is Assembly open 24 hours?

We are open and ready to welcome you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! 

Do any Assembly rooms come with twin beds?

We don't have twin beds in our rooms.  Only double beds.  We're all about the snuggling.  However, if you do love your own bed space, our PAD and DEN rooms are big enough to fit an additional single bed in.   These are charged at £50 per night.  To request an additional bed, just email our reservations team.

Is the Assembly rooftop bar open?

Yes! The Assembly Rooftop Bar is now the the B & H Garden Room. Head to our rooftop bar page for all the details. 

Do Assembly rooms come with minibars?

We don't have mini bars in any of our rooms at Assembly, but we are surrounded by plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants and supermarkets - many of which are open until very late and open early.  So you can explore our local streets for a cool drink or a fresh snack whenever you need to.

Do Assembly rooms come with safety deposit boxes?

We don't have safes in our rooms, but we do have an extremely vigilant team who ensure the safety and security of our guests and their possessions remains their number one priority.